‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ Actor to Give Away £570m Fortune to Charity


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

It’s not about what you leave behind, it’s about the person you become before you depart from Earth. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Chow Yun-fat understands this concept, which is why his £570m fortune will be donated to charity when he dies.

The Guardian reports that the humble Hong Kong actor is best-known to western audiences for his role in the Oscar-winning Pirates of the Caribbean and the film A Better Tomorrow. In 2015, he joined the Forbes list of high-paid actors in the world, sharing 24th place with Russell Crowe.

Though he may be wealthy, Chow prefers to take public transport. In fact, he even waits in line to buy tickets to see his own movie. His lack of attachment to money and possessions is why he intends to donate his wealth after passing.

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“This money isn’t something you possess for ever. When you’re gone one day, you have to leave it to others to use it,” Chow told South Korea’s Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.“You can’t bring the money in your bank account with you after you die.”

Reportedly, his wife “strongly supports” his decision. She also attests to her husband’s simple lifestyle, stating that he eats at street stalls and only gave up his beloved Nokia flip phone when it died after years of use.

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Source: The Guardian 

IMAGE CREDIT: Crouching Dragon Hidden Dragon Movie

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