Beer Company Unveils 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead of Killing Them

Saltwater Edible Six Pack Rings

By Amanda Froelich / Truth theory

Did you know? 80% of the plastic humans throw away ends up in the oceans. This tragic reality is made worse when one learns that, as a result, billions of pounds of plastic are now swirling in convergences in the seas. In fact, 40% of earth’s total ocean mass is now covered by plastic.

One of the major contributors to this epidemic is the seemingly harmless six-pack rings found around cans of soda and beer. Because the rings have little value, consumers carelessly throw them into the trash without any regard for marine life. It’s because of this that  99% of seabirds are expected to have plastic in their guts by the year 2050.

The Saltwater Brewery in Delray, California, believes there is a better way to package beer, which is why it developed an edible six-pack ring that feeds, rather than kills, marine life. The edible six-pack ring design was made in partnership with We Believers ad agency.

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The rings are created from beer by-products during the brewing process, such as barley and wheat, and are completely safe for humans and fish to eat. In addition, the invention is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Considering that Americans drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer in 2015, and 50% of that volume was from cans, this impressive invention will have huge implications for the environment.

Watch the video below to learn more:

The craft beer company says that the innovative design is as resistant and efficient as plastic packaging. Though, one major drawback is that they are more expensive than plastic rings. However, the company believes that when consumers are made aware of the horrific consequences of using plastic, in general, beer lovers will be more than happy to pay a little extra to preserve the Earth for future generations. The brand also believes that if more breweries opt to use the edible rings, prices may go down.

Says Peter Agardy, head of brand at Saltwater Brewery:

“It’s a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea.” 

The brewery believes that edible six-pack rings will have a huge impact on the CPG and Food and Beverage Industries. But, of course, their number one goal is to save thousands of marine lives. The company explained: “For brands to be successful today, it is no longer about being the best IN the world. But rather, being the best FOR the world and take a real stance.”

Would you be willing to pay a little extra to help ocean life? Please comment below and share this news!

IMAGE CREDIT: Saltwater Brewery

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