How We Communicate Using Spoken, Energetic And Body Language

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Most people think of writing and verbal communication when it comes to language, however, there are actually other forms of language that we use everyday the contain no words at all.

Spoken/written language is the most widely agreed upon form of communication across most of the globe. When we use a word, we are taking a pre agreed upon sound that resembles the thing we desire to talk about.

Language is a very powerful tool and is what has allowed humans to flourish in a way they could not have without this pre agreed upon form of communication which gives us the ability to go straight to the heart of a matter. One of the beautiful things about language is (unless it is a complex question) it is very easy for us to understand. If I ask you to pass the salt, I can pretty much know the salt will be passed without much complication. It does of course become a lot more complex when we start pondering questions of a philosophical nature, but it certainly holds its place.

One of the downfalls of spoken language is that it can be used for manipulation- a presidential candidate can tell you he cares about the environment and will do all he can to make sure the planet is brought back into unity, and have absolutely no desire to deliver on the promise. A man/woman can tell someone they desire to sleep with that they only have eyes for them, and after that day never speak to the person again. This is why spoken language is only part of a bigger picture.

When many think of language they usually think of just the spoken word alone, however there are other forms:

Energetic Language

We have the energetic language, which some people may call psychic. This is when we have an understanding of something without any logical understanding of how we know it. It is often a metaphorical interpretation of something that has been presented, and can also be a knowing of something without being foretold about it.

Psychic language has been given a bad rep of late, which is understandable as we are currently living in the age of science, with science being the philosophy of materialism. Spoken word is the most tangible of language, as when it stands alone it is what it is, and while it can be used for a different purpose than what it appears to represent on the surface- the word table will represent a table, a chair a chair, “and” means you want to add something to your sentence etc. Psychic language on the other hand is the duality of written/spoken language- it is the intangible and something that cannot be completely contained in the confines of scientific understanding.

As I said psychic language can vary, and is not always “mind reading” as some people may call it, although some do gain the ability to look inside the minds of others and literally read thoughts.   

It can also be the art of trusting your intuition- in western culture it is widely understood that the mind resides in the brain, however, in many other cultures they talk of the mind within the gut and heart as a bridge between worlds, the pineal gland as the spiritual mind and the brain as the logical mind. The brain speaks in the spoken language, however the gut and heart are unspoken and work with feeling (the energetic/psychic language), where the pineal gland is a glimpse into the invisible world.  

The energetic language unfolds in many ways, such as synchronistic events unfolding, seeing animals as metaphors that can help you understand your current life and knowing what someone is going to say before they say it. A lot of trust needs to go into interpreting this language as for many (in western culture) it is not an pre agreed upon form of language, but a feeling open to interpretation.  

Human/Animal Body Language

We also have the human/animal body language, which is a bridge between the physical (spoken/written) and spiritual language (energetic/psychic), this can be used in conjunction with spoken language, but also works as a stand alone. For example, sometimes you will just know that someone is being truthful or deceptive in their spoken word, simply by the way they hold themselves.

The other aspect of this is being able to see someone’s strengths and weaknesses through their posture. For example, someone with hunched shoulders, may be holding themselves this way as they feel they had to protect their solar plexus. This is related to personal power and could be the posture of someone feeling disempowered. The counter to this is someone with a puffed up chest sticking their solar plexus out. This could be someone overcompensating- being overly powerful in their mannerisms, usually for the same reason they feel disempowered and feel like they need to make up for it in their physical mannerisms.  

There is actually quite a science to body language, which can be learnt- this is made up of multiple “tells” which can work in conjunction with each other, however, some people seem to naturally be able to read a person’s body language.


My reason for sharing this post is due to the fact that spoken/written language alone is currently one of the things that is being used as a tool to disempower. If we understood the true intentions of people by understanding the energetic and body language it would not be possible for us to be manipulated in such a way. An evolution of language results in an evolution of humanity and if we can start to trust the more unseen aspects of communication we will thrive and those in positions of power will be those with good intentions for humanity. Please share this article, much love, Luke.

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