Collateral Damage- The Civilian Cost Of American Wars

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Terrorism is a word that we hear on an almost daily basis. It has been said so much now that it feels like it’s really lost its meaning & has almost become more like a pantomime villain than a real thing.

Unfortunately terrorism is a real thing & while on a daily basis mainstream media are telling us who the bad guys are, we still have to ask ourselves- who are the main global perpetrators of terrorism.

We have all heard of ISIS, Boko Haram & Al Qaeda, but you probably haven’t heard about Antibalaka & The National Liberation Front of Tripura which are Cristian extremist groups which are committing similar acts of terrorism & getting no media attention.

Terrorism defined is- the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims & history is scattered with acts of terrorism large & small including the holocaust, the Tutsi tribes being killed in Rwanda & the Aboriginal population being nearly wiped out in Australia.

Another large scale act of terrorism is that of the Native Americans & while the estimates of the death toll vary widely ranging from 800,000 to 16 million it is thought that 80-90% of the Native American population died after the arrival of the Europeans.

The figures I quote below show a conservative estimate of the damage that western intervention has caused at the cost of civilian life & does not take into consideration what they define as a terrorist.

Picture this- a foreign person in your country running at you with a machine gun, trying to zip tie your wife & children. Wanting to raid your home for something you have not played a part in. Knowing that your friends, family & neighbours have been terrorised, killed & imprisoned by these people & feeling at risk because your country is being invaded by people who have no right to be there, would you pick up a weapon to defend yourself & your family? Because people who do this are labelled as terrorists.


Below are the estimated civilian lives lost in 7 American Wars from the last 50 years. Which asks us the question- are these acts of terrorism?-


Vietnam War- 465,000–2,500,000 civilians were killed

Gulf War- 5,500 civilians were killed

Kosovo War- 12,000 civilians were killed

Afghanistan War- 30,000 civilian were killed

Iraq War- 140,659 – 159,248 civilians were killed

War in North-West Pakistan- 20,465 civilians were killed

War in Libya- 6,000 – 15,000 Civilians were killed


The reason I wrote this article is not to incite hatred to any group as I think the only way humanity can move forward is to move away from war. I wrote it to raise awareness & maybe give you a different perspective of war & the terror that is inflicted at the hands of those who claim to be the good guys.

I think we are now living in a good time, because for the first time in a very long time people are becoming aware that wars are not fought for the good of anyone. But mostly as a business that trades in power & profits.

Opinion polls are now showing that the majority of people oppose war, while before the majority of people would generally follow their leaders into battle.

People are now waking up & questioning the true agenda of what is going on & with 8 of the top 10 arms companies all being from the USA & Britain & with a global military spend of $1.6 trillion in 2015. You do have to ask what is the real reason we are at war.

No war or terrorism is justified, no collateral damage is acceptable & to justify the loss of millions of innocent lives as part of our pursuit of freedom is bullshit, claiming to give people democracy by killing them is a lie & giving the life of one human being more significance over another is inhumane.

I think that any amount of civilian life lost it is a tragedy no matter which country, race or religion & if you think about the way things are portrayed in our media when there is even a small death toll at the hands of a terrorist attack it may put into perspective these numbers & the impact our counties have inflicted on the world in trying to enforce a way of life on people that they don’t want.

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