Business Mentoring


My main expertise is in the online business. 

Starting an online business can be very challenging. In my career, I experimented with a lot of ideas and a few companies. Some of them were successful, other ones failed, some I sold, etc. I co-founded digital media brands, and blogs and worked on some other projects such as a social networking startup and in the crypto space. 

I have a good understanding of various fields and I can guide you so things can be less stressful and go much smoother. I might be able to bring new ideas to the table as well. 

If you are working on some great ideas, I might be able to help with some strategies. Rember ideas are just the seed, the main work is in execution. People have ideas all the time, rarely anyone will make them a big success… 

Here are some of the areas I can help with:

– Building an online brand
– Startup idea development
– Online marketing
– UX/UI design tips
– Use of creative tools to get more sales, leads, customers, views, etc.
– Product strategy
– Brainstorming ideas
– Fundraising strategies and tips

Cost: Single consultation (up to 90 minutes long) $200 or contact me for full packages and longer programs.

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