Spiritual Development

spiritual development2

One of my favorite areas and also something I have probably the most experience with is spiritual development. I have been on this path since 2002 and I think I have a good understanding of who we are, what is our purpose here on earth, and how reality works. I’m still learning and discovering new things every year. I will be more than happy to guide you and give you some tips, ideas, tools, techniques, rituals, etc to help you with your process. Over the years I have developed my own system that I use on a day-to-day basis to align myself with my purpose and live a life full of synchronicities. 

Some of the areas I can assist with: 

– Meditation
– Connecting with your spirit guides/higher self
– Assisting your spiritual awakening process
– Coming into alignment with your true self
– Manifestation/Law Of Attraction
– Helping to create more synchronicities
– Psychic protection
– Plant medicines, integrating experiences
– Helping you in understanding the nature of reality from a spiritual perspective

Cost: Single consultation (up to 90minutes long) $150
Discounts are available with more sessions. 

Ready to change your life? 

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