The Miracle Butter: 6 ways to use African Shea Butter

Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, Shea butter is one of nature’s premiere miracle butters! I use this stuff for just about everything! I’m not talking about the diluted, chemical-laden products that contain 2% Shea butter; I’m talking about 100% natural, from the motherland, Shea butter. You’ll mostly find it in health or international food stores, and even in some beauty supply stores.

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Victory! South Carolina upholds freedom of residents to buy, sell raw milk

We are excited to report that food freedom has won out in South Carolina, where a factory farm front group recently tried, but failed, to stamp out longstanding state laws that recognize the freedom of individuals to buy and sell raw milk throughout the Palmetto State. And all of you, our valued readers, helped make this possible by calling and emailing the South Carolina Farm Bureau (SCFB) in the eleventh hour and urging the group to oppose this attempted assault on an all-natural food product.

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Five green foods with exceptional healing power

Although it is unclear who started the green revolution, the world seems to be recognizing the powerful effects of green foods in helping individuals live longer and healthier. Scientific researchers, health nutritionists, and other experts including the author of the Green Foods Bible, David Sandoval emphasize the power of Chlrophyll in treating several diseases including diabetes, ulcers, open wounds, skin diseases, body odor and even the big “C.”

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