10-Year-Old Boy Has Heart-Wrenching Reaction To Seeing Color For The First Time [Video]


By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most of us take our vision for granted. As we roll out of bed and stare blearily at our alarm clocks, we don’t notice the light filtering in through the window or the poignant colors of the duvet. But 10-year-old Xavier McCoury does. This is because the young man has only seen in black, white, and grey his entire life. But, a pair of Enchroma Glasses changed all of that.

As an early birthday present in 2017, Xavier was gifted a pair of the special glasses by his mom and aunt. The entire family knew how much the Enchroma glasses would mean to him, so they video chatted with Xavier’s aunt Selena from their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. As soon as Selena explains what the glasses do, the fourth-grader’s jaw dropped.

He couldn’t wait to try them on. And once he did, the tears started flowing. Xavier told KING5:

“I didn’t know this is what humans really see… my thought was, ‘Is this color, because if it is, it’s awesome.”

The young man stared at the world around him, absorbing the different shades and hues. According to his mom, Melissa, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Xavier’s father excitedly grabbed some of the boy’s possessions so he could look at them with renewed eyes.

“There’s so many beautiful Carolina sunsets and you just have to walk him through but he has no comprehension of what it is, the fact that he can see those now and all the beauty the world has to offer, it’s just priceless,” said Melissa.

Watch the heart-wrenching video below:

Hopefully, this news inspires you to celebrate your vision and appreciate all of the other blessings in your life. Though many negative happenings occur every day, each of us is gifted and blessed in numerous ways. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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