First-Ever, Easy-To-Use Device Converts Polluted Air Into Fresh Oxygen


By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Did you know? Breathing polluted air reduces a human’s lifespan by 1-2 years. And yet, 5.5 million people on the planet are living in locations where air quality is toxic to breathe. In Beijing, China, for instance, a new condition has arisen: Beijing cough.

The problem of air pollution is everywhere, which is why the Treepex was developed. The “revolutionary” pocket device converts polluted air into fresh, clean oxygen.

It may not be the most fashionable device, but it is allegedly able to purify the air you breathe — wherever you go, whenever you need. That’s important, as air pollution is one of the biggest crises in the 21st century.

Each day, the average American breathes 2 gallons of air per minute. This equates to 3,400 gallons of air each day! And in southern California, 5,000 premature deaths are caused due to pollution from diesel trucks each year. No matter the location, everyone is affected. Outdoor air pollution ranks in the top ten killers on the planet — and that’s why inventions such as the Treepex matter.

The company’s website states: “Treepex uses CRISPR technology to extract the DNA of actual trees to recreate living cells that are responsible for photosynthesis and compress them into the cartridge. When you take a look at a leaf with a microscope you can see the cells which are responsible for the photosynthesis. And that’s only a very, very little part of the entire leaf. Simply, think about this as if thousands of leaves were squeeze [sic] into the small cartridge.”

The Treepex is easy to use and comes with a variety of neat features. A mobile app calculates how much oxygen you inhale daily, and measures the polluted air in the environment you live in. The device is also made with anti-allergenic materials, so every person can use it.

The company admits that the Treepex device is not ideal for everyday use. However, it could be beneficial for short-term business trips and, according to the company, “in the case of massive future wars forcing us to live in underground shelters.”

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