Busch Beer Giving Away 3 Month Supply Of Free Beer To People Who Adopt Dogs

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Busch Beer is offering a three month supply of beer to the first 500 eligible drinkers who adopt or foster a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue in Minnesota.

The beer company has teamed up with Midwest Animal Rescue for an offer called “Foster a Dog, Get Busch.”

The prize will come in the form of a $100 gift card, which the company estimates will buy the average person a 3 month supply of their beer, although this may only last about two weeks for a heavy drinker.

The coronavirus shut down has crippled many businesses, since everyone has been staying inside and many non-essential businesses have been ordered to close. Animal shelters are among the businesses and organizations struggling to stay afloat right now, and are working tirelessly to find homes for the animals in their custody, so Busch is doing their small part to help.

A spokesperson for Busch told People magazine that now is a great time to adopt an animal.

“During these uncertain and lonelier times, people need an escape: cue the cute puppy memes and photos. But as much as we need those cute puppy pics to help get us through social distancing, it’s actually them who need us. Social distancing is better with a furry friend by your side and a cold beer in your hand,” the spokesperson said.

To apply for the offer, you need to adopt or foster a dog through Midwest Animal Rescue. Once the adoption or foster process is over, you will receive a confirmation email from the animal shelter which will give you access to the offer.

People have plenty of time to spend with their animals now that they are home from work and have no responsibilities, but once everyone goes back to work, these animals will still need to be taken care of, so it is important to truly consider if you can handle the responsibility before adopting an animal.

Image credit: Steven Cukrov & Susan Richey-Schmitz

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