Aldi Supermarket To Give Workers 10% Coronavirus Bonus Pay

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Aldi supermarket workers are being paid a bonus for their service in demanding conditions as they continue to provide a lifeline during the coronavirus outbreak.

As the coronavirus quickly spread from China into other parts of the world, the last month or two has seen people stockpiling supplies.

Cities around the globe have been placed on lockdown, with only essential services, including grocery stores and supermarkets remaining open.

Tough working conditions

Massive queues have formed outside supermarkets as people have rushed to buy what they deem to be essential supplies.

And with supermarket shelves often stripped bare, numerous stories of customer fights breaking out in the aisles have been reported.

Now imagine what it has been like to work as a supermarket employee in the midst of all this chaos.

But not only are the workers having to deal with the influx of customers and the rush to restock shelves. Their own health is also at risk as they potentially get exposed to the coronavirus every single day.

Then when they return home, their families are also put at risk of contracting the disease.

Deserved bonus pay is given to supermarket workers

So it’s not surprising that the UK-based Aldi is just one of many supermarkets who are rewarding their cashiers, stockers and warehouse workers with bonus pay.

Workers at Aldi will be entitled to a 10% bonus pay which will be backdated to March 9.

“Aldi has today announced enhanced pay for its amazing colleagues, who have been working tirelessly throughout this extremely busy time. Store and distribution colleagues will receive a 10% bonus on hours worked, effective from 9th March 2020,” read a statement on their website.

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Special shopping hours for emergency workers have also been announced by Aldi. Key workers in the NHS, Police and Fire Service will have exclusive use to the supermarket on Sundays between 9.30am-10.00am.

Many other companies including Tesco, Walmart, Amazon, Trader Joe, Target and Whole Foods are also paying bonuses to their workers.

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