Argentina Opened It’s First Sustainable School Built From Garbage Including 2000 Car Tyres


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Michael Reynolds is an architect who’s redefining the way ‘Green’ architecture with his sustainable ‘Earthship’ buildings. The project is radical: it is Reynolds’ attempt to instill green architecture principles within the next generation. One of his latest projects was to construct an ultra-green public elementary school. The building was made completely of repurposed substances. Set out in a remote town in Buenos Aires, the building will also be used by Reynolds so that he could impart his self-sustaining knowledge to the next generation.



Reynolds worked with  Una Escuela Sustentable. This organization shares the view of Reynolds with respect to sustainable architecture. They want to construct sustainable public schools in all the Latin America countries. For now, Reynolds has constructed one in the remote area of Mar Chiquita, outside Buenos Aires. He worked with students all over the world, discussing and showing them his ‘Green’ magic – using different construction methods, design, and unique philosophy.

It’s not the first time for Reynolds. Previously, he has worked in Jaureguiberry in Uruguay. He used reclaimed materials to build an amazing school here, working alongside his students. The building in Mar Chiquita was measured for about 3,000 square feet. It uses the 6 Earthship principles that are dear to Reynolds – utilization of repurposed or recycled materials, solar or thermal heating or cooling, harvesting water and including proper sewage treatment. The school also has a food production area.

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