A Circus In Germany Refuses To Use Real Animals, Uses Holograms Instead


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The world’s very first circus show has opened its doors to people – well that would be inaccurate as it is the planet’s first holographic circus!

Most of us across the planet are well-versed about the horrors and the poor life that the animals live in.

Several zoos across the planet have engaged in active mistreatment of animals. The animals are not fed properly, they live in tiny cages, and more often than not, they are mercilessly killed when they become old. Countries such as the United Kingdom already has legislation to ban the the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

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A lot of older people might remember how they loved circuses and how the current generation might not ever get to see them. However, one circus is looking to provide the same experience but without the use of actual animals. The circus is making use of the cutting edge technology that is readily available around us to make this happen.

The Circus Roncalli is the first of its kind and is situated in Germany. It is the very first circus on the planet which has started using realistic holograms instead of animals.


The projections that are shown to the visitors are scaled accurately and are presented in an enchanting manner. This circus shows monkeys, fish, wild horses, and even elephants swim, do acrobatics and run around.

The circus is not a new one though, it has been in existence for several decades. It was founded in 1976, in the city of Vienna. But it finally decided to usher in the new age, calling on a technological revolution in circuses too.

It replaced all the animals that performed with lenses, lasers, and 11 projectors that are placed strategically. All of these things gives you a traditional circus with a modern touch.


The director of the circus said that the clown and artists were the main features of the shows anyway. The circus had done away with acts which involved wild animals more than two decades ago. So this move only makes sense in this current day and age. The main focus that the circus brings is their acrobatics and poetic numbers.

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This change certainly sets a wonderful precedent that hopefully, other circuses across the planet will also follow. As much as humans would love to think that animals are subservient and deserve to be mistreated, they don’t. The planet is as much theirs as it is ours.

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