American Company Build Cannabis-Inspired Town


By Jess Murray Truth Theory

The use of cannabis is increasingly becoming more widely accepted across the USA, and as more states legalise it, more creative venues to use it are also emerging. Whilst cannabis churches, resorts, yoga and restaurants already exist, soon there will be an entire town inspired by cannabis.

According to recent reports, a cannabis company based in Arizona, known as American Green, have just purchased a small town in San Bernardino County where they will begin their plans to convert it into an entire cannabis inspired town. American Green currently have a cultivation facility in Arizona, and sell various hemp-based products online, together with a cannabis app.

They recently spent five million dollars to obtain the town of Nipton, and plan to spend a further $2.5 million to create their full cannabis town over the next 18 months. The company’s consultant and project manager for Nipton, Stephen Shearin, said, “We thought that showing that there was a viable means of having a cannabis-friendly municipality and further making it energy independent could be a way of really inspiring folks to say, ‘Why can’t we do that here?’

Bloomberg has also reported, “American Green plans to include a new facility to manufacture water infused with CBD, the cannabis component that is typically associated with reducing pain and inflammation. The new Nipton will also have a production site for edible marijuana products, retail stores, and artist-in-residence programs.”

American Green’s main goal is to make cannabis both approachable and acceptable to a wider audience, through manufacturing products with smaller doses. They also have further plans to create CBD-infused water pools. Shearin told Marijuana Business Daily that they plan to “open cannabis-themed bed and breakfasts, host culinary events, start artists-in-residence programs and more.”

Their aim is to complete have their new project up and running by mid-October, although they have not yet obtained the necessary state and local licenses that are required to cultivate and sell cannabis on the property. Shearin added, “We want to revitalize the region, not the town, and we want to do it in a way that other towns can say, ‘Look at that, they have this regulatory system that allows them to embrace cannabis while not offending people who may not be of that mindset.’”


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