After Walking 20 Miles To Get To His New Job CEO Gifted New Employee His Car


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine having a boss who actually listens to you and goes out of the way to help you out! Imagine that you have a boss who actually thinks of you in terms of ‘person value’ and not the ‘production value’. Sounds almost like a dream that might never come true, right? Well, don’t get too pessimistic now! Bosses like this do exist, and Water Carr, a college student in Alabama, was lucky enough to have someone like that.

Last year around July, Walter Carr showed his immense dedication to his job. His 2003 Nissan Altima broke down, and without a car, Walter had no other option but to ‘walk’. He had to start from Homewood and reach Pelham at 8 am for his moving job at Bellhops. He calculated the time: it would take 7 hours. So, Carr started walking at midnight, hoping to reach Pelham right on time.

He was walking down Highway 280 when the police officers found him. They were concerned about his well-being but when they learned the actual reason, they were quite humbled. Later on, they even tweeted out their appreciation for this dedicated young man.

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The police officers bought breakfast to Carr and delivered him to Lamey’s home, one and a half hours earlier. Lamey was really awed after listening to Carr’s story. She offered him some rest, but the hardworking boy did not want any. He had enough energy to do the work. She even set up a GoFundMe page to help Walter with his car troubles. She wrote on her Facebook what a hardworking guy Walter is. He has big dreams, a smile on his face and the dedication to see that everything is perfect.

The Facebook post attracted the Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin’s attention. He drove all the way from Tennessee to Alabama to meet this young man. He was amazed at his dedication and as a reward, he gave him his personal 2014 Ford Escape. 

Walter was ecstatic.

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Marklin and Lamey knew about Carr and his problems. He moved to this Birmingham area after they lost their original home back in New Orleans, after the ruthless attack of Hurricane Katrina. But Marklin is happy with his decision. It was the right thing to do, according to him.

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Walter wants to be a US Marine. It’s clear that he will give everything into this dream of his. He has become quite an inspirational figure  – someone who will fight his way in his life. He said that he wanted to show his dedication to his job. His job mattered and he wanted to get it however he can. He also mentions that if someone thinks that 20 miles is a lot of distance, then they should start thinking with ‘his shoes’ on. They were almost killing him during that long hike.

Walter Carr’s tale is an inspiring one for anyone who thinks hard work doesn’t pay. It does.

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