89 Year Old Grandma Sews 600 Masks While Jamming To The Beatles

89-year-old grandma

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This 89-year-old grandma from Chicago has given a whole new meaning to quarantine and chill. While all of us were busy pulling our hairs out of boredom, Teresa Provo took out her sewing machine and sewed a total of 600 protective masks! 

Months into the quarantine, we all know how important small preventive measures are necessary during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks and social distancing have become daily essentials. In this time of uncertainty comes an amazing video of a super trooper 89-year-old grandma who spends her day listening to The Beatles, and sewing masks for residents in a nursing home. 

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Provo stays alone in her home in Illinois. The city lockdown and stay at home orders brought a disruption in her daily routine but failed to disrupt her creativity. Like all our sweet grandmas, Provo too first thought of her children and grandchildren’s safety. And without a break, she collected all the required materials and sewed 50 masks for all her loved ones. Within a few days, all the masks were packed and parcelled off to Wisconsin, California, Chicago, Florida, and Minnesota. 

89-year-old grandma

What does an 89-year-old grandma give her grandkids in the times of a global pandemic? Not the regular old cookies nor freshly packed jams, but personalized masks and handwritten letters of love. Some of the masks featured sports teams such as Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs. 

Awesome 89-Year-Old Grandma Influences The “Red Hat Club”

News of this kind act of love spread fast and even influenced other acts of kindness. The “Red Hat Club” consists of grandma Provo and her elderly friends. Once the club members got a whiff of grandma Provo’s new routine, they wanted in on the action too. Together they sewed a total of 600 masks for residents living in a nursing home. The “Red Hat Club” is known to support local artists by going to their events and watching them perform. You’ve may not have heard of anything cooler than this recently. 

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Grandma Provo reported that the task took the team around two weeks to complete. She further added that she and her friends were still busy working. This bunch of feisty elders knows how to quarantine and have fun!

The more we worry about the pandemic, the more power we give to it. As long as we follow precautionary measures and keep our calm, we will be alright. What we need to learn from this 89-year-old grandma is that an act of kindness can reverberate throughout and make things better. The need of the hour is to accept the pandemic and make precautionary measures a part of our daily life. 

Amy Szabo, one of Teresa Provo’s grandchildren, recorded the 89-year-old grandma in action. Tap on the video given below and enjoy! 

Teresa Provo has proven herself to be a hero by providing people with masks, and successfully bringing smiles to all the netizens. 

Image credits: Amy Szabo


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