5-Year-Old Girl Reportedly ‘Cured’ Her Seizures By Eating 2 Avocados A Day


By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

There’s a lot to love about avocados. The fruit’s flesh is creamy, is rich in vitamin E and has a texture similar to butter. Furthermore, the food is now credited with “curing” a 5-year-old girl’s epileptic seizures.

When Leafy Liu was just 6-months-old, she experienced her first seizure. Her parents, Claire and Justin, were understandably perplexed. They hoped the seizures would not last into her childhood but, unfortunately, they did.

At one point, Leafy began to experience as much as 60 fits per day. Prescription medication did not help, so the family moved from their home in England to Perth, Australia, hoping the warmer weather would help her. That did nothing, either.

After months of research, Leafy’s parents came across studies claiming that a high-fat, low-carb diet (otherwise known as the “ketogenic diet”) can prevent the body from triggering epileptic fits. Because they had nothing to lose, they switched their daughter to a high-fat diet that included at least two avocados a day.

Lo and behold, it worked! Leafy is now 5-years-old and has eaten roughly 3,000 avocados in her life. As GoodNewsNetwork points out, that’s about two avocados per day. Leafy now suffers from only 4 seizures a year.

“It’s a miracle. Almost as soon as she started on the diet, she felt fit, happy, healthier, more relaxed — everything you’d want for your little girl,” Justin told Inside Edition. “When she was at her worst, I could never had envisioned that avocado would be the thing to help her through, but that’s how it’s turned out.”

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