5 Things To Remind Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

We have all been there, faced with debt, heartbreak, lack of satisfaction or something that has pushed us to our limits. This is a normal part of the big game we call life, but it is not always so easy to just brush it off during the experience.

If you are in a position now where you feel like giving up is the only option, don’t there are many ways you can remind yourself of your worth as a person

You Have The Right To Be Here

You have the right to breathe the same air as everyone else, share the same space as everyone else and as long as you are not harming anyone live life the way you choose.

Our apologies for being here can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, not participating in things we are interested in and the fear of the unknown. But you, just the same as everyone else have the right to be here! So don’t forget to remind yourself.

You Are Important

We all have our gifts which we can give to the world. Some of us are caregivers, some of us creators and some entertainers. However it is that you contribute to this world, be sure that you do!

Take a note of where you thrive in the world and play to your strengths. There is no point in spending your life trying to be something you are not, so embrace your qualities and know that you are important.

Things Always Get Better

Many of the problems you have faced will be nothing but a distant memory and all your problems you have today will also eventually pass. Some tragedy will stay and remain painful to reflect on, but things get better with time.

If your relationships ends, you can love again. If you lose everything you own, they cannot take your smile. If you lose a loved one, you do not lose your memories. If you feel like all is lost, just remember that things will get better!

You Are Loved

We can often overlook the impact that we have had on people’s lives and we are often loved by people and we don’t even know it. You have family and friends and at times a lot of these relationships can be hostile, but that is only due to the fact that they/you care and love each other.

The other type of love which is so important is that of self love. You have your flaws, but you also have your strengths! That is what makes you who you are. Don’t forget to appreciate those who love you, but also take out time to appreciate yourself!

The Opportunities Are Endless

Life is one big ball of opportunity, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 80 there is always some new adventure you can embark on. Start something new, something that you have always wanted to do and know that this life offers a limitless amount of potential. The opportunities are endless.

If you are in a bit of a spot now to stress it too much, we have all been there and we will all be there many more times! So if you feel like life is all getting too much, just give yourself a gentle reminder not to give up and to keep moving forwards! Much love, Luke

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