4 Reasons I Am Okay With Being A Lone Wolf

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Today I woke up at 8am, got up brushed my teeth and then proceeded to go and have breakfast in a local cafe on my own, I walked to the city centre alone and after a few hours went and had lunch on my own. I am currently traveling and checked into a beautiful apartment last night for 2 nights as I was getting a little tired of sharing bathrooms and being woken up by loud noises in hostels, you guessed it- I checked in alone. Last night I drank a psychedelic brew called watchuma, I also did this alone, I came to Peru 3 months ago alone and for the majority of my time here I have been pretty solitary.

Yes I am a loner and quite okay with the fact!

I am not anti social, I love people- I have just come to a point in my life when I do not feel the need to force situations. I have met some beautiful people on my travels, but for the most part I have been in my own space writing, exploring the landscape and/or exploring my mind. It has been beautiful!

I have a few more travel plans lined up in which I will be with a group. I am sure it will be awesome, however I have come to some conclusions about why I am okay with (at times) being a loner.


I love the freedom of being alone- if you want to eat at a specific restaurant, you can. If you want to eat fast it is up to you! If you want to eat slow, it is your choice. If you want to type notes on your phone with one hand and eat with the other there is no stopping you. I love food, but there is also a lot more ways in which you can be free.

Having no agenda can be real beautiful, you can wander the landscape, book a yoga class last minute, or jump on a bus to go trekking in the mountains. Of course you can do this with company, however there is something free about not having to check in with anyone.

You Can Create A Lot

When you are alone, you have to spend your time doing things or you will lose your mind! When you have a free schedule you can really get your creative juices flowing.

I am a writer and I have never written so freely than I have in the last 3 months, there has been so much experience and time that the words have just flowed out. I have over 50 video blogs to release, a bunch of poems, the start of a book and a million ideas in the knowledge bank. Being alone and free allows you the time to create and express.

You Get To Know Who You Are

There can be a lot of discomfort that is stirred up as a result of being alone, especially if you are used to always being accompanied. This is your shadows and unresolved issues that are surfacing. Being on your own allows you to see what is not right, what is right and who you are as a person.

You are the person you will spend the rest of your life with, and unless you are a siamese twin- the only one who will always be present in every single moment- when you make an effort to be alone with yourself, you get to see the good, the bad and everything in between. You can become your own best friend, understand what makes you tick, what your ambitions are and what your purpose is for being here. Getting to know yourself is one of the biggest investments of your time you can make and you can only do that by shutting out the noise.

It Leaves Room For Deep Connections

Sometimes your eyes connect with someone and you just know that you will get along- if you have no agenda and are wandering free and you have one of these chance encounters it leaves that room to deeply connect with that person. It is great to have lots of people in your life that love you, but it often comes with the downside of only being able to get to know someone in a limited way.

1 loner, plus another loner who really connect can often make for a magical connection and this is the beauty of life. Nothing is permanent- you don’t have to attach to a certain way, you can go with the flow like a chameleon- switching from loner, to socialite and going with whatever opportunities present.

Truth be told I have been enjoying my own space and lack of commitment, but when I return home in a few weeks I will embrace my family and soul family. It is all just a game in the end full of twists, turns, ebbs and flows. As long as we do it with a smile on our face it doesn’t matter if we are introvert, extrovert, socialite or loner. It doesn’t need to be an us vs them situation, we can be everything- this is the merging of duality, the realising that what one person is capable of, we all are- there is no separation! In this moment I am a loner and proud, but who knows what tomorrow may bring! I love you, Luke!

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