10 Ways The Most Successful People Handle Stress

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

In today’s busy world, it’s nearly impossible not to get stressed out by life. From bills to relationship drama to unfulfilled expectations, there’s plenty that demands attention and that in itself can be physically and mentally draining.

Because stress is inevitable — especially if one aspires to be successful in their craft, it is essential to learn how to handle it in a healthy way, rather than run away from it. By implementing various techniques, such as saying “no” more often and making sleep more of a priority, you, too, can thrive when faced with mounting responsibilities and impending deadlines.

Following are 10 ways the most successful people handle stress:

1) Relax, Breathe, and Let It Go

If one is constantly in “flight or fight” mode from an exorbitant amount of stress, they will more than likely experience what’s known as a “burnout” in the near future. To prevent that from occurring, it is essential to find time and techniques to relax.

A highly-recommended practice is to spend five minutes in the morning and evening simply focusing on one’s breath. Focusing on the inhale and exhale helps one forget about their “to do” list, and this, in turn, lowers the heart rate and the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) being produced in the body.

Because it’s only five minutes at a time, there’s no excuse not to incorporate this practice.

2) Make Sleep a Priority

Yes, there are a million things you could be doing, but unless you take care of your body, you will lack the motivation and brain power to accomplish them in the future. For this reason, make getting adequate amounts of deep, refreshing sleep a top priority.

As Collective Evolution reports, lack of sleep is one of the biggest factors which causes stress. Skip out on your Zzzs and you’ll be more likely to experience burnout. Go to bed early, and you’ll find yourself more energized, focused in a better mood the day after.

3) Say “No” More Often

This one is tough for people pleasers — which most empaths tend to be. However, the most successful people have learned to say “no,” as they recognize they have only so much time to devote to projects.

If you seek to avoid burnout (as well as resentment toward people and your craft), say “no” more often. Not only will this free up more of your time, it affirms to the universe that you are worth enough to choose which tasks you focus your energy on.

4) Unplug and Spend More Time in Nature

Though technology has drastically improved people’s’ quality of lives, being plugged into the system 24/7 is incredibly unhealthy. Most people are, however, as checking notifications, emails and text messages results in small releases of dopamine (makes you feel good).

To form a healthy relationship with technology and avoid burnout, make an effort to “unplug” from the Matrix and spend more time outdoors. Doing so will not only benefit your physical health, it will reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Be sure to leave your cell phone in the car and your laptop at home for optimal results.

If you need to use technology in the evening, consider installing the app Flux on your computer (Night Shift on the iPhone) to limit the damage that blue light has on your brain.

5) Forest Bathing

Successful individuals recognize the need for balance in their lives, which is why many put forth effort to take long walks in nature. Others partake in what is known as “forest bathing,” or walking aimlessly through a forest.

Spending time in a negative ion-rich environment not only improves one’s mood, it has been shown to alkalize the body — which reduces one’s risk of becoming sick.

6) Focus On Your Top Priorities

Successful creatives are aware that their happiness is ultimately more important than work, which is why they regularly reassess and focus on their top priorities. Don’t neglect your home life, relationships or hobbies which inspire you to be imaginative. All are essential in your quest to be successful.

7) Exercise

When you’re feeling stressed, the last thing you probably want to do is go to the gym or jog around the neighborhood. However, doing so could be one of the best investments of time. This is because exercising releases endorphins which, in turn, reduces tiredness and limits stress.

Doing something as simple as stretching outside for twenty minutes, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes, or going for a 20-minute swim can transform your outlook and refresh your motivation.

8) Pay Attention To Your Feelings

A sure sign of impending burnout is feeling one’s emotions go up and down. This signals that the adrenals are beyond tired, and that it’s time to take a break. If you try to push through and ignore what you’re feeling, not only may you have an emotional breakdown later, much worse symptoms (such as an illness) may manifest instead.

Don’t suppress your symptoms or “power through” them. Identify them, face the causes of your stress, fatigue and demotivation, and release your worries so they don’t affect your behavior or mood. Apply this suggestion by journaling, taking time off and indulging in relaxing events such as taking a bath or receiving a massage. Also, don’t beat yourself up for feeling — that’s what makes you human!

9) Accept That YOU Are Responsible For Yourself

It’s easy to push blame onto others or situations seemingly out of your control, but to do so is immature and will only set you back in the long run. Acknowledge that you — and only you — are responsible for your life.

You can choose to be a conscious creator and take care of yourself, or you can make excuses and have the Universe affirm them via the Law of Attraction. Invest your energy in a more productive way by journaling, creating vision boards, and refusing to give up on your dreams. You have control over your situation — what will you do now?

10) Adjust Your Attitude

We as humans can quickly spiral into negative emotions which do nothing but make us feel worse. Though stress tends to exacerbate such emotions, it is possible to stay above it all by first and foremost, changing your attitude.

Rather than focus on the negative, give attention to the positive! What about your day was good? What blessings have you received recently? An attitude of gratitude will always invite more of just that, so get in the habit of focusing on the good by journaling in the morning and/or evening, and by making a conscious effort to be appreciative of the little and big gifts in your life.

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