Over One Million Credit Card Details Have Been Leaked Online

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In what has turned out to be a worldwide plot, a carding marketplace on the Dark Web- BidenCash has pulled off a heinous heist. About 1.2 million credit card details leaked through them. According to a report from BleepingComputer, the leaked information involves expiration dates, card numbers, cardholder names, email addresses, CVV numbers, phone numbers, and social security numbers.


The unfortunate part of this would be that most of the details could lead to credit card fraud and identity theft. What seems even more appalling is that a lot of the cards don’t expire before 2023, and some of them will not be expiring before 2026. Although the database seems to have information from all over the world, the leaked information mostly had accounts from the USA, Iran, Bolivia, India, Greenland, and Venezuela.

The total number of credit card details that have been leaked is 1,221,551. The information was leaked from magecart attacks, point-of-sale malware, and other infostealers. While this news does seem to be quite farfetched, it is not surprising considering BidenCash had recently gone through quite a devastating distributed denial of service attack. This led to the company creating new URLs in order to be in use again. So as to make sure that the information leak was as scattered as possible, BidenCash also distributed the data through a clearnet domain, along with other hacking platforms. 

1.2 Million Credit Card Details Leaked By BidenCash!

Most would say that the first attack was simply free- which implies that anyone who managed to get a hold of any credit card would be able to receive the money. Although there have been a lot of investigators in the case currently, it must be noted that most of the credit card users have been already informed of this. According to another report, this isn’t the first time BidenCash came out with credit card details. 

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The carding platform came into existence in June of this year when it ended up leaking several thousand credit card details on most public forums. This immense leak is a kind of marketing stunt. If the credit cards were still in operation, it would directly link to the rise in the popularity of the site over the next few months. It could also be a reminder of how popular identity theft and credit card theft has turned over the last year. In fact, the current attack isn’t even the first or the only attack of its kind. In 2022, another hacking shop called All World Cards leaked around 1 million details online. 

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The 1.2 credit card details leaked could have come in from several sources, which include malware attacks. D3Lab, a cyber security firm, mentioned that most of the details were published web skimmers- which is also referred to as magecart attacks. In these attacks, a hacker would be injecting a malware code into any innocuous website which would then extract data from HTML forms. The majority of the credit card details were from American Express, with several investigators asking the banks if the credit cards had been blocked already and the users notified of the credit card fraud. Other card companies that were embroiled in this attack are US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and the Bank of America. 

Due to obvious security reasons, the database is no longer accessible by common means. However, the banks have been notified and they should have deactivated the compromised cards immediately. If, by any means, you suspect fraudulent activity on your card as well, immediately inform your bank about the same. The leak of the credit card details by a company named BidenCash shouldn’t be turned into a political controversy due to the name. For credit card hacking companies use several joke names like Trump Dump, or Joker Stash- which doesn’t really mean anything.

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