Young Man With Down Syndrome Becomes The Youngest Businessman In Town With His Cool New Snow Cone Shack

by Luke Miller Truth Theory


Blake Pyron is a 20 year old man that was born with Down Syndrome. Blake’s mother, like many other parents who raise children with additional needs was told that there were many things her son wouldn’t be able to do.

However Blake has defeated all odds and on May 7th he opened his very own snow cone shack in Sanger, Texas. He has just become the youngest business owner in his hometown and is the only one with Down Syndrome.

Blake started dreaming of opening a business shortly after his high school graduation and previously worked at a barbeque restaurant, which was unfortunately shut down shortly after the end of his senior year.

Blakes mom explained that he wanted to find a job, but there was not a great deal of  opportunity in their hometown. The Pyron family decided to get together and think about Blake’s choices. He had shown an interest in snow cones, so it was decided.

Blake’s family helped him to think up some creative flavors, such as “Hulk” and “Shark Attack”, they also hired a 15-year-old family friend to help out at the shack as Blake will be running the customer service.

The decision to open the shack near to mother’s day was intentional as Blake wanted to give the community moms a chance to celebrate with him. His mother shared this story hoping it will give other parents of children with special needs the inspiration to not limit their children. She said in an interview with ABC News “You don’t know us. You don’t know our child, so don’t label him. We haven’t, and he turned out great,”

Do you think we need to stop putting limits on our children? Regardless of if they are born with a disability or not? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! And if you have found this story inspiring, feel free to go ahead and share it! Much love, Luke


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