You Can Now Buy A Quonset Kit Home For Less Than $8,000

Kit Home

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Kit homes are very easy to set up and another big advantage is that they’re inexpensive. A 20x40x10 feet unit (the size and prices go higher) was picked on SteelMaster  and its estimated price is $8,000. The picked unit is not the smallest one so, it means that one can find residential units for even lower prices.

They also picked out and priced a smaller unit that is used as a garage. Its estimated cost is $1,200. One has to include various building costs as well, like for foundation, transportation, etc.

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If you know about the Quonset building kit homes then you would know that they come in 2 standard types. These types are based on the type of roof. One is called P style while the other is known as S style.

The company says that their homes are gaining popularity among people who prefer DIYs. Kit homes are easily erectable and also provide a secure, solid and durable solution for housing problems. Originally, these Quonset homes were supposed to withstand extreme weather events. The two residential styles are-

“P” Model

This model is usually used for garaging purposes, as workshops or as hut homes. It has straight walls along with a pitched roof that gives it a traditional look. This differentiates it from the “Q” model that has a typical cylindrical building.

“S” Model

It has a dome-shaped roof and straight sidewalls. When it comes to strength, this type is better than the “P” model. It is ideal for use as a workshop or a barn in areas where there is a risk of heavy storms and snowfall.

But both the models are perfect residential homes considering that they have a huge living space. One can also customize their home’s aesthetics by tailoring the end walls. Various building materials like hardy board and steel can be used to make these kit homes. Also, they can be finished with bricks or stucco.

Insulation can be provided to the house if needed. A 2nd floor of mezzanine-type can also be added if the house has a width of over 30 feet. If one desires, they can even get windows fitted to the end walls. Also, if a customer wants to have natural light in their house, skylight panels can be established on the roof.

The following are the pictures of Quonset style houses and cabins. Browse through and see if you can find one for you!

Quonset Kit House 1

kit house

Quonset Kit House 4

These Quonset Inexpensive Kit Homes 1 e1535693638310

These Quonset Inexpensive Kit Homes 2

kit house

These Quonset Inexpensive Kit Homes 4

Quonset kit house5

Quonset kit house4

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Quonset kit house3

Quonset kit house2

These Quonset Inexpensive Kit Homes 10

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