You Can Explore 2500 World-Renowned Museums From The Comfort Of Your Home

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine being a museum-lover in these troubled times. You can’t even get out of your house, forget going to a museum. But don’t fret, for Google has brought out technology that will bring 2500 world-renowned museums to your living room for your viewing pleasure!

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Google Arts and Culture  has taken it upon themselves to pair up with close to 2500 museums in order to provide free tours and visual aesthetics in the virtual sphere. One can simply log into the site and immerse themselves in the history and tradition the particular museum upholds.

This tour allows one to walk through the hallowed walls of several museums with an interactive guide taking you through the entire journey. It’s quite similar to the street view that Google uses, and this app can be downloaded from the Play Store or iOS app store.

The offer doesn’t just end there. One can also get up and close with several paintings of historical value just by tapping onto several courses offered by the museums. You don’t just have to take a peek, get personal with the paintings and the sculptures!

To say that the museums Google has partnered with are high-end would be a denunciation. They are some of the best museums on the planet, with Guggenheim Museum being one on the list. But, if this still doesn’t take away your quarantine depression, you can also avail the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s personalized texting service by sending ‘Send Me SFMOMA’. This app allows you to request for highly-valued artworks from the prestigious institute regarding any topic that you might have thought of.

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Well, this ought to serve your quarantine days quite perfectly. So, get the app and start virtually gliding through the 2500 world-renowned museums at your fingertips.

IMAGE FEATURED: Chitsanupong Chuenthananont

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