Yoga Joes Comes With A Simple Message – Do Yoga Not War


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We must have all played with army toys, arranging them in formations, pretending to be one of them, and then going for combat. Well, those days are gone now. No more romanticizing war. For a creator of those toys have changed directions. Dan Abramson has now designed ‘Yoga Joes’ – a green army man set with a special purpose. To encourage you to make peace with others, find inner peace, and embrace that peace rather than go out and fight. And how do they do it?

Yoga. of course.

The minuscule toys represent the Joes without guns or their usual bayonets. Instead, they are doing yoga- headstand, handstand, the downward dog, the upward dog, and an assortment of other asanas. All we can say is this- a great step. Instead of increasing a kid’s proclivity towards warfare, this will help them in being a non-violent person. Plus, they will be interested in this ancient art of yoga. Wouldn’t that be just lovely?

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