World’s Chonkiest Cat Is Looking For A Person With A ‘Lot Of Room’ In Their Heart


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Are you from Philadelphia and hoping to get a new cat? Don’t go out to the pet shop right now. A Philadelphia animal shelter has a unique cat for you, looking for a kind heart with LOTS of room. Morris Animal Refuge takes care of a white and brown tabby cat, BeeJay, but the unique characteristic of this cat is its weight. Weighing about 26 pounds, this cat has a heft that’s almost twice of any average cat. The plumpness just adds to the cute factor. No wonder, he is being referred to as the ‘Chonkiest’ of all cats!

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BeeJay’s adoption page has all the information you need for this wonderful animal. Well, if you think that the weight is not moving you from inside – then, you will definitely be bowled over by his personality. He is full of love and charm and is willing to offer all his affection to any kind person who wants to adopt him. He is just a big-sized ball of cuteness!

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But look at him now – he looks sad – waiting for someone to show up and take him away. The big ol’ cat is looking for some happiness and with luck, we can only hope that he finds it. A lovely home where he could stay forever. 

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If you want to learn more about this tabby cat, then you can visit Morris Animal Refuge on Facebook or their website. BeeJay has become so popular that the site is crashing at times too. So, don’t get frustrated or give up if it crashes often.

Maybe you can also play your part in helping this cat find a lovely home.


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