Woman Proves That She Can Communicate With Animals “Telepathically”, She Teaches Others How To Do It


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Have you ever imagined communicating with animals, just like Dr. Dolittle?
Well, we have found one such character who will take you on an exciting journey to discover ways to restore a deep relationship with nature.

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When humans communicate with animals they create a valuable bridge between both members. You as a human being can then engage in a dialogue and remind yourself on how to hear the messages from the natural environment.

Anna Breytenbach plays a major role in guidance, mentoring, and communication and can be called the real-life Dr. Dolittle.

She is based in the Western Cape, South Africa, and offers workshops and consulting for local and international clients. She aims to increase awareness, compassion, empathy, and mutual understanding through these workshops and nature retreats.


Anna Breytenbach is an animal communicator and has received training through the  Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She has been practicing for 18 long years in South Africa, the US, and Europe with both domestic and wild animals. She has worked with lions, cheetahs, baboons, elephants, and wolves. She aims to raise awareness and advance the relationships among humans and other species, on both the personal and spiritual levels.

The documentary,  “The Animal Communicator”, was based on her life and was released in 2013. Anna lives on by being a voice for the animals and the wild.

Interacting With The Animals, Anna Breytenbach Opens Up About Her Life

Anna chose to live out her passion for the wild by becoming a cheetah handler and had also volunteered at a conservation education project on weekends, in her twenties. 

She had been in close contact with the wild animals, which had eventually opened her up in empathetic ways. Her “psychic experiences” began when she was doing her tracking training with the Wilderness Awareness School-based outside Seattle, Washington.

Anna said in an interview, “As I was raised in Africa, I knew little to nothing about North American species and therefore couldn’t analyze or interpret the footprints I was looking at based on visual cues. My mind just simply didn’t have the ‘database’ of search images loaded.

My mentors told me to close my eyes and ‘feel’ the energy from the track – whereupon I’d get brief mental images or other sensings of which animal had left those pawprints. At first, I thought I was losing my mind, but again and again, these ‘sudden knowings’ would prove to be true.”

She defined this as a “direct mind-to-mind communication or transference of information.” She added that everyone had these abilities hard-wired in their systems. Our native ancestors used these skills every day and were used just like any other physical form of expression.

She added that intuition was natural and that the trick was to know how to access it intentionally, instead of waiting for it to be spontaneous. 

She was asked if she really used “telepathy” to communicate, or was it an “extraterrestrial language”. Anna replied, “It’s a simple matter of quieting the mind and intending to connect. The animals pick that up right away, very easily. Then I send either a mental image, a thought/sentence (not vocalized), or an emotion… whatever comes naturally. There’s no effort required on the sending side of things. Transference happens at a quantum level, in the universal language of pure energy.”

Anna offers workshops and gives the participants all the tools to communicate effectively across the species divide. You can get all the details of her workshop events on the Events page of her website at www.animalspirit.org.

You can also check out her full life story video down below: 



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