Woman Goes on Hilarious Tirade After ‘Hot’ Police Officer Pulls Her Over

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Every day in America, it seems, there is a new story about police brutality. Though the reality is downright frustrating — and can even be depressing, it hasn’t gotten Jennifer Jermany down. That’s probably because when she was recently pulled over in Houston, TX, the comedian was more concerned with how attractive the police officer was, rather than the offense she had committed.

Thanks to her friend (and fellow comedian) Brandy Adams, the entire ordeal was caught on film. The video shows Jermany fawning over the officer, saying: “You are the hottest cop I have ever been pulled over [by].” The cop replies bashfully, “Well I appreciate it!” But oh no, Jermany wasn’t done.

“And you are so respectful and so nice,” she continued. You came over, you communicated what you needed… and then you were HOT. See if the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore, ‘cos all you would do is what you did, just walk over and say ‘Hey, let me see your driver’s license and ID,’ and do that smile right there…”

“Sir, you could bring peace to the Middle East. And I just want you to know, as I thoroughly watch you walk to your car and back, I just want you to know, I could tell you work out and I’m glad,” she continued. “I appreciate God helps you to work out and he did a great job on you.”

Because the video is hilarious, it has gone viral on social media. Watch it for yourself below:

Police brutality is a real issue, and saying all cops should be “hot” to fix the problem isn’t doing any real favors. However, if more people recognized that police officers are human, too — and thus, are prone to errors, a conversation could be started to provide real solutions to the problem.

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