Woman Can See If A Man Is Unfaithful Just By Looking At His Face – Study Suggests

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you have been worried about your partner cheating on you, then we have some great news in store for you. According to a recent study, women and men can spot a cheater by observing specific markers on their face. Experts said that men who have certain masculine traits like a strong jawline, thinner lips, and strong brow ridge are generally considered as potential cheaters. What is the secret behind this behavior? the answer is simple – evolution. When a man presents themselves with these genetic advantages, a woman can easily spot the flakiness of their character and the male partner would start taking steps to ensure that their lady love is not seduced.

Previous research had suggested that women can spot men who are unfaithful based on their faces, however, the same results were not obtained when men looked at the faces of women. It is not clear whether people in the same sex can categorize someone as a cheater. The researchers of the study published in Royal Society Open Science interviewed several white heterosexual participants to look at and judge the different facial features of about 189 individuals. About 293 men and 472 women rated pictures of white females. On the other side, 299 men and 452 women were told to judge pictures of white men. On a scale from 1 to 10, the participants had to state how likely was it for the people to engage in unfaithful acts. Many of the photos were already rated for trustworthiness, attractiveness, and tendency towards unfaithfulness, as well as the degree of feminine or masculine traits. The results came in showing that women and men gave higher points to men who had previously self-reported to cheat. Hence, they perceived unfaithfulness, just by looking at the face, it may not be completely inaccurate.

However, cheating is a complex issue and the researchers warn that there could be other factors involved. Dr. Yong Zhi Foo, a researcher at the University of Western Australia, claims that there was a variation of 4-8% which is quite a lot.

Another astonishing observation was that most men were considered as cheaters while the rating of women was nowhere as close to the men. This might be because women are considered less likely to cheat, or women can mask their real features by the use of makeup, thereby giving false signals. Overall, there is a chance that women can delink their behavioral aspects from their facial features.

Of course, this research is just a step in the direction of decoding the complexity of humans. Further research must be conducted on older demographics to get a proper view of how things can turn out to be for the entire male population. Evolutionary psychologist, Dr. Kristen Knowles found it interesting that there was a veritable connection between actual infidelity and perceptions of infidelity. Though she provides some interesting insights too. According to her, one of the reasons why results were skewed towards men was because women are not as likely to report cheating as men.

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Just like the researchers, Knowles has reiterated the same warning of not jumping into conclusions based on this research. Cheating can be influenced by genetics, life experiences and social environment, all of which contribute to the building of character in a person. The face is just a marker, which can be coincidentally shedding light on a deeper aspect of the person.

Only more research could help us reach a proper conclusion. 

IMAGE CREDIT: Antonio Guillem

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