Why Are We So Fascinated With The Universe?


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

We are currently making some massive advances scientifically in our understanding of the universe, we recently found that there is a strong chance that present day Mars contains water, meaning it could very well have life.

A computer simulation from Nasa has just revealed that Venus in its early years may have also been habitable, throwing new light onto a planet we have always believed to be uninhabitable due to the rate it spins on its axis.

These are just a few examples which show that we are acknowledging far more possibilities in recent years than science has ever deemed possible within the realms of our solar system. Not only that we are also advancing technologically, with the idea of being able to visit and eventually inhabit other planets no longer seeming like science fiction, but just a matter of time.

When you also take into consideration the possibilities that may lie outside of our solar system, it really opens up the mind to a world (or universe) of endless possibilities.

With all this in mind, our fascination with the stars and sky are not a new thing, in fact it could be argued that in comparison to the societies of old, collectively for the main part we neglect to give much significance to the universe outside of our own planet. But why do we care so much? Is it because in a sense we are the universe?

We are one- what does this sentence actually mean? It has been popularised as a show of unity and solidarity to life outside of ourselves (human or other) Personally I used to think of it in a sense that we are all in some way intrinsically connected. Like there is some kind of energy force that connects humanity.

Some might call that energy force God or have it mentally filed under another religious, spiritual or scientific label. But let’s for the sake of argument let’s call it energy.

I still believe this to be the case, but could it be that we are all physically connected also? Well think of it like this- at some point life started, probably as some kind of bacteria, how that came about is a matter of debate. But at some point either spiritually or scientifically there was a beginning of life.

Everything that exists on this planet (and perhaps in this universe) now was born out of that first physical manifestation of life and we are all just different evolved forms of that life. Meaning to my understanding we are all born of the same- man, woman, child, plant, animal or other. We are all born out of the first piece of life on this planet or in the universe, meaning we are the universe

So could it be that we are all just part of one organism and in the same way your heart and kidneys are separate parts, but at the same time still part of the bigger organism. Human beings are just cells within a higher form of existence?

How ever you look at it, at one point on this planet there was very little life and whatever gave birth to that life now connects us all. So to say- we are one is not just a new age trend that hippies and spiritualists say to sound “connected” it is actually science.

Hope this has made you think! Much love, Luke


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