Why Are We In So Much Pain?

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I sat and thought about what to write as the headline for this article for a while, the first idea was “why am I in so much pain?” the second was “why are you in so much pain?” and the third was where I arrived with “why are we in so much pain?” I will get to every point in this article, but first I would like to use myself as an example:

Why Am I In So Much Pain

In recent times I have been asking myself this very question: Why am I in so much pain? I am not talking about physical pain, I am blessed enough that I do not have to experience any daily physical pain. It is more of an emotional pain that just seems to have been lingering for around about the last 5 months of my life. A lot of it doesn’t really make much sense. I have recently fallen in love. I have a job I enjoy. I have beautiful friends. I actually have the life that I always wanted, which has become a reality just recently. Yet here I am writing this article.

Much of the suffering to me is a mystery, but much of it also comes from not being in this moment. Worries about things that are yet to happen. Worrying about running out of money. Considering changing my job. Wanting to move home. They all linger in the back of my mind, and loop repeatedly. I find some affirmations or daily habit to break these thoughts, but somehow they creep back in. One of the reasons it is so painful is because it should not be painful. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am loved and I love. I see the beauty in the most simple of things, yet for some reason I just struggle to be okay.

The only rational conclusion I have arrived at is, I am supposed to be feeling this and in some way these feelings will be beneficial to me in the future. I have felt like this before, but the difference between now and then, was I had more of a reason to feel this way in the past than I do now.

With all that in mind I do have a very strong reason that I know of to why I am in so much pain, and that is because I see other people in so much pain. This really bothers me to my core and it feels as if at times it is all too much to bear feeling the suffering of others.

One of the gifts I have been blessed with, is the ability to feel other people’s feelings. Which of course has its benefits, however, it also means that when people feel pain, you feel pain.

Why Are You In So Much Pain

I feel your pain. Literally it is just there all the time and it is so strong. The lack of direction that societies pressure puts on people. The celebration of achievement that are not the core desires of those achieving them. The celebrity worship culture, that places people on a pedestal, usually for the wrong reasons. There is a real pressure to be something unachievable, or to just shut up and get on with it. A small group of people have made up a very narrow set of goals, and collectively it is believed that this is something we should aspire too.

Happiness is not given the attention it deserves, it is secondary to material achievement and this is not normal. Or to put it differently- it is normal, but should not be. School is aimed towards work life, and when work life disregards the happiness of the person working, it will generally not lead in this direction.

It is our birthright to pursue something that will make us happy, yet it has been made so difficult to be this way. Human beings are natural creators, yet creative fields are often so polarised- often the impression is you either make it big or not at all, but this is not always the case.

You feel pain because of disconnection to the reality that you should be living. What consumes most of our time is what we become, and if the majority of time is spent doing something we find meaningless, then life will be meaningless.

Why Are We In So Much Pain  

I think the real elephant in the room is; things are not okay and anyone who actually cares about other people knows that the way the planet is structured is not even remotely fair or okay. I visited the supermarket to buy some fruit this weekend, and people are so unhappy. There are smiles and people carrying themselves as if they don’t have a care in the world. But below the surface appearance you can feel deep rooted sadness in people, and very few seem to be actually happy.

This sadness is a sane reaction to the suffering that is happening on the planet. There is so much division these days. The government are trying to take away freedom of speech. There are wars. Child labour. Animal abuse. Sexual abuse. Violence. The literal destruction of our Earth, so people can make money. These things may be what we would call “normal” and what have existed for a very long time, however, at this moment in time they are being encouraged (directly and indirectly) by the people who are supposed to protect us.   

I don’t think the pain comes entirely from the suffering, but partly because many people feel hopeless and as a result comply with things that they know are not okay.


Earlier I said maybe I feel this way because I am supposed too, and I believe this to be true for everyone. We feel because we are supposed to know when something is wrong, and when we see just how bad things can get, it can motivate us into action.

There maybe a lot wrong with the world, but there is also a lot right about it and more people want things to be loving, fair and equal, than those who want it all for themselves. We are experiencing collective pain and this shows us how not to do things. Everything is relative to that which you have experienced and I feel like much of what is going on in this moment is giving us an example of how we should not live and can work as a reminder for future generations.

We are currently going through a global initiation and it is our choice how we react to this situation. In the face of all the pain and suffering, we can continue to choose to love, show compassion and forgive. We can choose not to buy things that are unethical. Not contribute to the destruction of the environment. We can give to those in need and not elect people to lead us who do not care about us.

I started this article sharing my personal circumstances, and I will end saying I may not have been okay for the last few months. I may not be okay in this moment. I can’t say that tomorrow I will feel great. But I do know I will eventually be okay, and I will continue to choose love. If you feel similar feelings don’t let external circumstances dictate how you treat others, know that this moment does pass and things will be better. The suffering is real and the way we best move forward through the collective suffering is by healing ourselves and allowing that to ripple outwards.

I choose love! You choose love! We choose love! Please share this article.

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