Why Are Some People So Lucky? Here Is What People Had To Say

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

According to Dr. Gregory House, People get what they get and it has nothing to do with what they actually deserve.

Life would have been completely different if all of us were lucky, but that is not the case. Some people believe that the Karma from our past lives affects our present ones. This might be true or not, but we do not want to touch that with a 5-foot stick.


The best thing that we can do, is to make the best of any situation that arises. 

People worry about things, but that is actually a waste of time, as things that happen to us, just happen to us.

People Shared Their Opinions On Why Some People Were “Lucky”

A question was dropped on Quora, which asked “Why are some people so lucky?”.

The question hit different and has received several comments. Let us look at what people had to say about “lucky” people.

Glory replied that she had read a book that stated that we had picked the lives that we had, and the lesson at the end was to make us a better soul. She believes that life has a purpose to teach something that one had not learned before. Learning lessons, even in hard times, has the ability to turn anyone into a positive person. We often think about other people who seem to have better or sorted lives, which ends up in self-pity. It is at that moment that we need to stop and count the blessings that had been bestowed on us.


She gave a brilliant example, that goes: “If someone wins a lottery today and you don’t, then he is lucky, if that lottery leads him to a divorce or ruins his family life, he is unlucky. But if you don’t win a lottery, earn the hard way, learn to respect wealth, and have a happier family life, you will be considered luckier!” She added that being lucky was actually inside people’s heads.

Venkatasubramanian commented that luck was just a  random part of life. If our lives were devoid of controls and systems, then luck would have played a major role in it. Since we lead a systematized life, we close the doors for random events to happen to us. If you look at these “lucky” people closely, you will observe that they have integrated some randomness into their lives.

An anonymous person commented that people can bring in luck by themselves or even with the help of other people. According to the Law of the Universe, your thought is vibrations and this can change or alter an event drastically. He mentioned Albert Einstein’s theory about “spooky action at a distance”. Whether wishing someone good luck without  their acknowledgment will affect the result is still a big mystery because it is subjective to measure and gauge the results.

Mac, who was a former therapist, shared that the people who are deemed to be luckier than others, see the entire world covered in options. They have a system in place that keeps searching for luck and its development. The system that they have built is absolutely reliable and repeats. These people operate and exploit these opportunities on a daily basis, and hence luck attracts these people.


Some of the characteristics that were common with the “lucky” people are that they were more curious, they predicted the future, they kept making matches that would link in the future and ultimately, could solve problems that would impact others.

So, in conclusion, luck is just the manifestation of your thoughts, aspirations, and aims. If you have a positive mindset, you will be “lucky” in the long run and if you have a negative one, then everything will seem to turn sour for you. All you need to do is to face your challenges every day, with a smile on your face and with a positive outlook on life.

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