The Truth About Cancel Culture and Online Trolls

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

Online trolls come in all shapes and forms, some of them can be very nasty and like a massive pimple on your face, sometimes it might be hard to get rid of them. They appear out of nowhere in the comments sections of many posts. They love to fuel hate, add some point “find a flaw” in some argument or post, exploit some “weakness”. Obviously, flaws can be subjective here. Many views are subject to interpretation. 

In general, I think that many trolls just aren’t happy with themselves, and maybe deep inside they just want to prove to themselves that they are worthy. 

Generally, a comment coming from a troll highlights some kind of “flaw” they spotted. If you are an authority figure like a celebrity for example and I found a flaw in your behavior or thinking, it makes me feel like I have some level of authority now, some form of power. This is often how the cancel culture works as well. Basically, loads of trolls get together and can cancel a show or a person and suddenly a bunch of them have power in their hands, they manage to create a “real-world impact”. 

Often trolls just feel better when they trigger some response. If they add some nasty comment and it triggers a response it just makes them feel more powerful again. They know that in most cases they can get away with trolling. Those keyboard warriors probably would sh*t their pants if they would have to say the same thing in front of the actual person they are trolling, in real life. 

How to deal with online trolls? 

Ignoring them is the simplest thing you can do. Think about how sad their lives have to be so cruel? Instead of getting angry, we should feel compassion towards them. Each time you see a cruel comment coming from a nasty online troll, say something like this in your head: 

“I love you online troll, I don’t know you, but I know your life must be difficult, I know this is not you probably deep inside, I forgive you” – and see how it makes you feel. 

Let’s be honest, most of them aren’t Einsteins either, someone very intelligent would not be willing to just engage online and try to make someone feel worse. Very wise people don’t waste time on bs, they probably are busy with the more important stuff. 

Opinions and views are important, but let’s not allow them to impact our mood or affect our lives outside of social media. We need to remember that this is the nature of the internet, people can express their views and get away with it, some decide to be impolite and this is how it all works. Just don’t get affected by this stuff. 

If some comments trigger you, it might actually be revealing something about your “shadow aspect”, a side of you that needs healing… I talk more about it in part two of this article:

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