What Is The Purpose Of Life?

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

As human beings, we like to find patterns in the world around us and meaning in our experiences. We feel at peace with ourselves when we have a purpose and at odds with ourselves when we don’t… thus, life must have purpose. Well, not according to Jaggi Vasudev A.K.A Sadhguru.

Sadhguru’s belief is that though there is purpose in existence, one’s own life, as an individual, holds no meaning. His summation was born simply from the fact that life is far too vast to be understood within a single lifetime. Purpose drives productivity and productivity changes the world around us, and the way the masses experience it, but it does not change the nature of existence. If one’s sole purpose was simply to stay alive for as long as they could, as well as see and experience as much as they could before death, then they’d be just as driven to fulfill their goal as someone who believed that they had a God given purpose to affect the world.

This begs the question – why do we look for the purpose of life if it has no purpose? Who knows? But what can be understood is that we’re all just as important as we make ourselves to be. And if we’re able to make ourselves important, then surely it is up to us whether life holds a purpose or not.

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