Whale Dies After Swallowing More Than 80 Plastic Bags

By Mike Sygula,

Another sea creature has died due to plastic consumption, a whale that consumed over 80 plastic bags has been found on the beach in Thailand. A group of veterinarians tried to save its life, however, they could not rescue it.

Many animals confuse plastics with food. We have a massive plastic problem, it has been estimated that in the last 70 years we produced over 9 billion tons of plastic and only 9% of it has been recycled. It can take up to 1000 years for plastics to decompose and every year we produce more and more of it. Many people are unaware of it, but between Hawai and San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean, there is a massive garbage patch, twice the size of France containing over 80,000 tones of plastic. It just shows how big problem we have, yet still many people are lazy to recycle or use reusable bags when they go out shopping. The truth is that we only have one planet and over the last few decades we almost destroyed it, we created irreversible changes and if we won’t start making better choices next generations might be doomed.
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Credits: Thaiwhales.org, Sky News

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