We Asked People Who They Would Be Today If They Would Pursue Their Childhood Dreams

childhood dreams

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Childhood is when we truly believe that everything is possible in the world. Our childhood dreams and aspirations are the best markers of that belief. As we grow up, our life teaches us about responsibilities which kill off most of those dreams. How many of us actually manage to be the person we wanted to be when we were children?

But as long as we don’t forget about that dream, it’s a sign that someday somehow we can still chase it. Children have limitless possibilities. So when we asked the internet about their childhood dreams, we were greeted with a variety of occupations and lifestyles. Some actually managed to make their dreams come true too!

Here are some of the most liked responses. Maybe you can relate with some of them too?

Exciting Science

Screenshot 2

We can understand where this commenter is coming from. After all, a lot of us as children absolutely adored dinosaurs. How fun would it be to explore the world and dig through dirt to find those huge fossils? This commenter even read all the books in their library about the subject.

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But, as is typical to children, interests shift a lot. Then she went on to archeology. Another branch of science deals with the exploration and discovery of ancient items. Maybe a bit of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft was the inspiration?

But that changed too, it seems. And now, the commenter hopes they can become a “mad scientist”. It is one of the more exciting childhood dreams, for sure. And, best of luck to the commenter if they think they still have that chance.

The Vast Cosmos

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The night sky filled with the stars is still mesmerizing scenery. It is especially so for children because a lot of them want to be astronauts. Of course, the sense of adventure and wonder that comes from being among the stars is quite unparalleled.

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But being an astronaut is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, for this commenter, a problem with their vision disqualified them from being any kind of flier – an astronaut or even a pilot.

Military Service

Screenshot 6

Being a soldier is one of the harsher occupations in real life. However, for children, a soldier means being able to have the power to protect what they love, be it their family or the country. It also comes with a lot of honor.

However, for this commenter, life did not pan out that way. Instead, he is studying medicine. We are glad to hear that they are happy with their present direction in life. This line is a great way of serving others as well.

Animal Lover

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Being able to always be with animals can sound fun, especially for children. As such, a zookeeper is a very understandable choice. After all, who didn’t have a plushy or a soft toy of their favorite animal to keep them company? On top of that, there were all the amazing documentaries on TV.

But, being a zookeeper in real life is a lot tougher, as with all jobs. For this commenter, their father nipped the childhood dream right as it was budding by being humorously realistic. Very few children will want to be something after hearing about having to shovel poop.

A Dream Life

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Here we have a commenter that has actually managed to make his childhood dream come true. It does not have to be some wondrous occupation or some valiant contribution to humanity. The dream can also be a happy life surrounded by loved ones. We wish the commenter many more healthy and happy days to enjoy his childhood dream to the fullest.

Best For The Last

Screenshot 3

Honestly, if only we could! Coincidentally, this comment was also the most liked one. This is probably the first childhood dream for most of us who watched any kind of cartoon – parading the world with our favorite characters. Sadly, it is also the one that is the most impossible.

Nevertheless! Just because it’s a childhood dream does not mean it is not feasible (apart from the Scooby-Doo one perhaps). It also does not have to be an occupation in life. Even if it stays on as a hobby in our adult life, it can bring us a lot of enjoyment and happiness.

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