We Are All Just Stardust!


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

I just wanted to make an announcement- I am sharing as I learn here! Truth be told- the more I am learning the more I realize I have so much more to learn. From this comes empowerment and motivation to keep moving forward! What I am capable of knowing, you too are capable of knowing, the knowledge you hold is something I too can learn. What your friends, family, loved ones, hero’s and people you are yet to meet have achieved, is all within your reach.


Because they are you and you are them, and genetically we are all 99.9% the same, we are all just evolved stardust. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water and have the same fundamental needs. Meet those needs *FIRST* and you are on the way to a more balanced life.

The spiritual journey too is a beautiful one, and again anyone can reach these deep states of consciousness and live a life of synchronistic magic! But you must tread carefully, you must check your intentions and enter things with a pure heart. Why? Because of karma! If you enter into things with selfish intent it can take a while to work through. And you may get what you think you want, at the cost of what you actually need. This doesn’t mean you should not want, but that your wants should be in direct proportion to what you give to the world. Meaning you should give far more than you receive! And I don’t mean this in some new age “if you do good work you deserve to drive a Ferrari” kind of way. Because material possessions will never, ever fill any void. I mean if you give abundantly you will receive gifts that no amount of riches could ever buy!

The truth is (and I know this may sound a little cliché) the biggest gifts you can receive are the ones that cost nothing. The time with family, the conversations with strangers, looking at the stars, falling in love. You know what- washing the fucking dishes can be a beautiful thing if you stop and do it, without troubling yourself with all the dramas of life.

Give unconditionally, love people you have yet to meet! Treat people with respect, talk to strangers! Help the fallen up and respect those who are living the way you want to live, but also respect yourself enough to know that you can reach that too. Big dreams are achievable, but if you have been constantly struggling to achieve yours and you feel like you are working against the current, then it could very well mean that you are chasing the wrong dream……but that is okay, as it is never too late to create new memories and ambitions.

Clear your mind, cleanse your body, spend time alone, experiment with life and when your gut whispers (or screams) at you to follow something go at it with full force, even if it seems impossible, even if it means quitting your job and walking away from all that is comfortable. Run before you walk, take the opportunity that is too big, learn on the way and make the decision that you are going to settle for nothing less than what you are capable of. We are all gods, goddesses, kings and queens! But at the same to we are all fuck ups! This is the beautiful paradox that is life. Much love, Luke


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