Watch This 60-Foot Walking Mecha-Style Robot Take Its First Steps In Japan

mecha-style robot

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We have seen it in anime. We have imagined being within it and controlling it. But now, Japan, the land of anime, and amazing creations is trying to make our dreams come true. A gigantic Japanese mecha-style robot may come to life and take its first steps soon. 

Japanese engineers are trying their best to give their imagination a ‘realistic’ turn. They are erecting a tall robot about 60-foot in height. The mecha-style robot will be looking just like the Gundam toy franchise. The unfortunate part of this construction is that it has slowed down due to the pandemic, but it has by no means stopped. The completion process is underway.

The name of the mecha machine is RX-78 Gundam. A video has been shot of this gigantic mecha-style robot. It is functional, and in the video, it bows and even moves its leg in a manner of walking. As if its muscles had wasted away but are slowly recovering the strength. Of course, the design is not completed. We do not see the head of this giant robot.

The construction of this giant has been in the completion process since January. It can be seen from the Port of Yokohama. 

When it is completed, the mecha robot will have a head unit, which will be completely functional. It is quite heavy at 25 tons and will have around 24 degrees of complete free motion. Due to this feature, it can move around the boulevard if it wants- just like in the anime series of Gundam. However, 25 tons seem to be quite low if we consider the size of the mecha-style robot.

Its hands are measured at 6.5 foot and it has proper fingers and thumbs to grasp people (and supervillains).

The weight of the machine had been a major constraint for the designers. Proper design and engineering would be required to actually develop the right ‘weight efficiency’. Gundam Factory Yokohama – a YouTube series – has presented the struggles of the construction.  

Jun Narita is the head of the designs for this project. According to him, special motors and materials were used to manage the weight, or else, even one hand could have weighed around 1,300 pounds.


A preview event unveiling the mecha-style robot was scheduled for this month, but sadly, the pandemic has pushed it to October. Hopefully, the pandemic will stay low in October, and we can finally see our favorite mecha anime come to life in front of us.

All thanks to Japan and their brilliant engineering and imagination.

Image Credits: Gundam Factory Yokohama

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