Watch Mother-of-Three Break Record to Become Fastest Human on a Bicycle [Video]

By Amanda Froelich

Moms are badass. If you need additional proof, take a minute to admire Denise Mueller-Korenek’s latest accomplishment. The mother-of-three recently broke the record for fastest human being on a bicycle. The record was previously held by a man.

The 45-year-old rode a custom-made bike and broke the record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Her top speed was an astonishing 183.9 miles per hour. As The Telegraph reports, the athlete’s was tethered to the back a drag racing car that was being piloted by professional female racing drive Shea Holbrook until a speed of 100 miles per hour was reached.

As soon as she detached from the car, Mueller-Korenek began pedaling furiously. Each rotation of the pedals propelled her forward by 128 feet. Watch her triumph below:

Don’t look too surprised. This isn’t the first time Mueller-Korenek has done daring stunts on a bike. Before she retired to raise a family, the mother-of-three was a champion in competitive cycling. In 2016, she set a record for fastest female on a bike at 147 miles per hour. Her latest feat broke that record, reports GoodNewsNetwork. 

Almost overnight, Mueller-Korenek has become something of a celebrity. This is because, over the past century years, the record for fastest human on a bike was broken 10 different times — and all by men. Until recently, Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelber held the title for reaching 167 miles per hour in 1995. This explains why, as soon as she dismounted from her bike, Mueller-Korenek yelled, “Beat that, Fred!”

The mother and athlete commented that she was ecstatic to complete “the ride of her life.” She said, “Now I know how Evil Knievel felt.”

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Source: The Telegraph

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