Watch As Good Samaritans Rescue Elephant From 20-Foot Well Using A Crane

Elephant in Well SWNS

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

While on patrol, army officials stationed near Jalpaiguri, Western Bengal, in India heard an odd noise. When they followed the cry for help, they stumbled upon an elephant trapped inside a 20-foot tall well. Thanks to their quick-thinking, the Indian rescuers were able to free the pachyderm from the tight prison.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, the army officials knew they needed to help the elephant. So, they tossed the distressed mammal some food and called the Burdwan Forest Department for help. Before long, they had access to a crane to lift the elephant from the well.

The following footage shows the dedicated rescue operation. The team used a crane to hoist the gargantuan animal out of the well and onto the back of a truck. Media reports claim that the elephant was taken to an examination room for evaluation of any injuries.

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After the pachyderm was deemed to be in good health by its caretakers and had recuperated for several days, it was released back into the wild. Watch the video below: 

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