Want To Live In Italy? This City Will Pay You To Move There

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

If you — like so many of us — have developed a fondness for Italy, there is an opportunity you won’t want to pass by. The beautiful city of Candela is not only welcoming new citizens, it is paying them to move there! Located in southern Italy, the town is offering €2,000 (about $2,300) for anyone who would like to take up residence.

Mayor Nicola Gatta came up with the idea, as he has a goal to bring Candela back to its glory years. During the 1990’s, the town boasted a population of 8,000. Now, there are only 2,700 residents in Candela. “I work each day with passion and commitment to bring Candela back to its ancient splendor,” said Gatta. “Up until the 1960s, travelers called it ‘Nap’licchie’ (Little Naples), for it streets full of wayfarers, tourists, merchants and screaming vendors.”

To revive Candela, the mayor decided the best course of action would be to pay people to move there. The initiative began in 2016 and so far, 38 residents have relocated to the Italian city. Here’s how it works: “€800 for singles, €1,200 for couples, €1,500 to €1,800 for three-member families, and over €2,000 ($2,300) for families of four to five people,” Stefano Bascianelli, the assistant mayor, told CNN.

The medieval town is located in Puglia and is just one hour’s drive from pristine beaches. It is nestled in lush green hills and forest, and could be the perfect getaway for an individual, couple, or even a family. In addition to paying people to move there, Candela is also considering possible tax credits for waste disposal, bills and elementary schools.

While this is a grand opportunity, there is — of course — a catch. Candela is after permanent residents, which means potential citizens need to meet a few requirements. To begin with, you must be registered as a resident for a full year, rent or purchase a home, and work a job that pays at least €7,500 a year in order to qualify. Additionally, you must relocate from a town of at least 2,000 inhabitants to prevent other small towns from losing residents.

Those who meet the requirements have a bounty of houses to choose from, as there is no shortage of real estate in Candela. Because it is located just two hours away from Naples, the town could prove to be the best

Because there is no shortage of real estate in Candela, new residents can have their pick of housing. An additional benefit is that it is located just two hours away from Naples. The community is quite active, as well. Many people take pride in promoting Candela’s newly restored center with guided tours of palaces and in hosting festivals throughout the year.

One festival to look forward to is the flower festival, which results in the streets being covered with vibrant flower petal puzzles. And during the holiday season, the lively House of Santa Claus pays tribute to Saint Nicholas, who is the inspiration for the legend.

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Image Credit: Courtesy Franceso Pio Delvecchio / Comune Candela

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