Virginia Church Fasts For One Month, Raises Over $100K To Pay Off Student Debt For 34 Graduates


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

You — and billions of other people — may want to check social media, go drinking on Saturday night, and indulge in fast food. But, these are not necessities. In fact, in many ways, they are impediments for real change. To demonstrate this teaching and help others, a Virginia church asked its congregation to fast from luxuries like social media and alcohol. The church also asked members to abstain from spending money on non-essential items, and instead donate it instead to a good cause. The fast was so successful, over $100,000 was raised. The funds were used to help 34 graduates at Howard University in Washington D.C. pay off student debt.

“This year, as our fasting ended, we asked members to make a sacrificial offering that we promised would go out the door of our church,” said church pastor Dr. Howard-John Wesley. “We decided to come to Howard University to find some students who are about to change the world but have some financial concerns, and let them know we’re going to take care of it for them.”

Each of the 34 graduating students had varying amounts of debt — from hundreds to thousands. The donation has propelled each of them forward in life.

“The gift of $100,000 from Alfred Street Baptist Church to help our students pay off their financial obligations and make ends meet just before they graduate is truly a blessing,” said university president Wayne A. I. Frederick. “Their generosity is a reminder of how one person’s selfless act of kindness can be multiplied and have a profound impact on the lives of others.”

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