Video Shows Humanoid Robot With Terrifyingly Realistic Facial Expressions

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By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

UK-based robotics company Engineered Arts recently showcased an impressive, yet terrifying new robot called Ameca. Although it is very impressive to see technology advancing and robots becoming more human like. There lies a problem in the above-mentioned part. More human like…

Most of us experienced Facial Pareidolia a few times before. Facial Pareidolia (The phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects – uses the same brain processes that we use to recognise and interpret other ‘real’ human faces.” LACHLAN GILBERT“)

The maker of the robot wants to study human-robot interaction. I am sure that they are also studying how people experience facial pareidolia from humanoid robots. The terrifyingly realistically facial expressions make that a lot easier for the company.

The video shows the humanoid robot warming up its shoulders before a click enables its eyes to open. When its eyes open’s the robot expresses genuine looking shock and surprized facial expression. The robot then continues to blink several times a then continues to observe its own machine arm. The video ends with the robot vaguely smiling and reaching out his hand staring into the soul of any on looker.

It is important to note that Ameca is not able to walk yet, although the company is working on upgrading its abilities over time to ensure that Ameca will walk one day. The company is making the robot available for rental and purchase although no price has been announced yet.

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Image Credit: Engineered Arts


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