Vegandale: A Vegan Neighbourhood In Toronto

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

A restaurant empire formerly known as Vegandale now has its very own vegan neighbourhood in Toronto. Vegandale Village is a self-described “mecca for the ethically minded and hungry, with the best of vegan food, goods, and services co-existing on one city block in downtown Toronto.”

Here are three successful vegan brands that already call Vegandale home:

Mythology Diner – an all vegan-diner that features vegan poutine, seitan boneless wings and vegan benedict.

The Imperative – a vegan retail concept store.

Doomie’s Toronto – all-vegan restaurant with comfort food such as vegan chicken and waffles, Big-mac style vegan burgers, as well as cocktails, smoothies and shakes.

The brands governed by The 5700 Inc. a website management company that has seen rapid expansion. “Vegandale is just the beginning,” said The 5700 Inc. owner Hellenic Vincent De Paul. “World vegan domination begins in Toronto!”

Vegandale have announced that seven vegan storefronts will set their roots on the block by the end of 2018. With NYM, Prohibition and Vegandale Bracitorium all expected to open this summer.

“This premiere destination for the vegan and vegan curious is the only one of it’s kind, promoting a world where animal exploitation is a thing of the past. With our roots in abolitionism, our unapologetic messaging is the connection between each project we touch.”

There is also a Vegandale Food Drink Festival which will take place in Houston, Chicago, Toronto and New York this summer.

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