Vegan Strongman Eats One Meal A Day


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

For 15 years, Dr. Nūn Sava-Siva Amen-Ra has been living a life of self imposed discipline. Driven by a desire to push the limits of human lifespan, Amen-Ra spent years researching the effects of aging and how to mitigate them. His research led to him adopting a rigorous work-out regime and an even more extreme dietary plan, which consists of just one meal a day.

The 42 year old Vegan is a professional powerlifter who, in 2013, set the deadlift world record for his weightclass, by lifting 672lbs (305kg). His 23 hour a day fasting regimen consists of the following:

  • An aerobic exercise session executed in the morning.
  • Intellectual assimilation of the extensive information and practical principles that undergird the Regimen
  • Intervals of Amenistic Meditation interspersed at opportune junctures throughout the day
  • A resistance exercise session executed in the evening
  • A single nocturnal meal not exceeding an hour in duration

There are many articles debunking the dietary plan as dangerous, however, Amen-Ra isn’t the only athlete eating one meal a day. NFL veteran and MMA expert Herschel Walker is also known to have been doing the same for over 20 years, as well as Vegan Bodybuilder and Youtuber KC – who posted a video on the top 5 benefits of eating one meal a day.

“Subjecting yourself to self imposed discipline is the surest way to increase the quality of your existence.” — Dr. Nūn Amen-Ra

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