Impossible And Beyond Burgers, Are They Really Healthy Alternatives?

are they really healthy

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are two novel concepts that have products designed to taste like meat. These products usually cater to vegetarians and have now conquered the meat-eating market too. Eating these burgers has been considered to be quite a strategy that will increase the age of this planet, as meat has been designed as a prehistoric concept.

Both of the brands also market their products as nutritious substitutes to a protein that is usually received from animals. Let’s be honest- plant-based burgers aren’t really that novel a concept. But the main question that stands is- are they as good as they are advertised?

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Why Should You Go For The Beyond Burger?

The good news that we can get from Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger is that they are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Interestingly, the very protein content of these new burgers has been manufactured to compete with poultry and beef gram for gram. This does make them quite an invincible force in the market that is looking out for healthier as well as tastier options to meat.

Impossible Burger also goes the extra step and adds minerals and vitamins that are found in animal proteins- like zinc and vitamin B12- in amounts that are quite equal to both poultry and red meat. This is a big advantage for vegetarians, as the nutrients are usually harder to reach by solely relying on foods from the plant kingdom.

What Is The Catch With The Beyond Burger? 

But, there is no good news without the bad. Meatless burgers are dunked in heavily processed and saturated fat. So, when you are biting into the red juicy center of a Beyond burger to get that meaty taste, you are actually sinking your teeth into something that does your body more harm than good. Since diets that are high in saturated fat are usually associated with increased chances of both premature death and heart diseases, they may not be what you should go for especially if your ambitions for looking into alternatives are health-related. 

The Science Behind The Reasoning

Despite legumes being a major source of protein in branded meatless options like Beyond burger, the health benefits are somewhat defeated by the extremely high degree of processing that is required to get it there. For instance, limited amounts of whole soy foods, like edamame have been linked to decreased chances of cancer.

This protection is usually attributed to isoflavones- a subgroup of plant compounds called flavonoids, which are thought to bring with themselves numerous health benefits. And yet, in the case of the Impossible Burger, a single serving may contain under 8% of the isoflavones that are found in a single serving of whole soy foods. 

Now, although burgers that are poultry-based don’t contain the same amount of protective plant compounds, they also don’t contain as much saturated fat as a Beyond Burger. If getting minimal risks of diseases like heart disease or cancer is your final goal, you should aim for the kind of vegetable burgers that showcase their grains, beans, and seeds, front, and center. 

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The solution is simple- if you want to save the planet, go ahead with the Beyond Burger. It will save the hassle of raising cattle, and will generally generate fewer greenhouse gases. But, it may not be the best option for your body or your health in the long run. 

Feature Image Credit: Beyond Burgers

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