Unique Hobbit Home For Sale In Wisconsin- A Rare Treat For Eco-Buyers


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you are an eco-buyer and also a fan of Tolkien, then this is the perfect house for you. At $285,000, this completely unique, eco-friendly,  bermed, earth-sheltered home is a catch for you. This was built by two professors, Emogene Nelson, and Pat Clark, in 1972, during the moment of tensions related to the energy crisis. They constructed it because they believed that going underground would save resources and money.

While the furnace at this 2000 plus square feet home is always kept at around 60-degree Fahrenheit, it is still extremely comfortable. Named the Clark Nelson home after its first occupants, this two bedrooms, two bathroom house hasn’t had any upgrades in the last 30 years- the period of time the second owner owned it. Yet,  Dale Antiel, of Edina Realty believes that if listed in 2019, the price would be well within the range of $325,000 and $350000.

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There are some trims required around the hedges, nothing a good old clipper won’t solve. The main reason why Michael McGuire, the architect, designed this house in the 70s is because it cut cooling and heating costs.

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The biggest advantage- it doesn’t feel like a cave. There are 5 skylights, which give the house abundant sunlight.

There are three fireplaces, designed to cozy up the place, a banquet hall, and double doors that go into the yards.

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A sizable house requires a good kitchen. And it provides so. With a pantry and a breakfast nook, it is perfect to fit in with your culinary demands. Also, there are built-ins and shelves throughout the house, for books and art pieces.

There have been plans for a studio above the garage, and if the newest owner is ambitious enough, they might as well go for it. The house is set on 3.5 acres of land, so there is a place for improvement and growth. Considering the amenities it has- a private balcony, a wet bar, fine plumbing in every room, and a fireplace which could serve as a bedroom and breakfast space.

But quite possibly the biggest feature is the notion of staying underground. It’s a Hobbit home after all. Really cool, isn’t it?

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