Underwater Art Exhibit Highlighting Plastic Pollution Debuts in Florida Keys

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Typically, plastic is the last substance you’d hope to find at the bottom of the ocean. But in this case, it was the focus of an art exhibit located in the Florida Keys.

The 24-piece “Plastic Ocean Project” was an underwater art exhibit by photographer Andreas Franke of Austria. The pieces were attached to the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg shipwreck for three months. After the masterpieces collected the ocean’s salt, algae, and microorganisms, they were retrieved by divers.

plastic underwater art exhibit

The plastic images were part of an effort to represent the beauty of this world and its future generations. Some of the pieces featured human images whereas others have messages written on them to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution. As MatadorNetwork reports, the overall intent was to showcase how elements of the sea can transform art — including plastic. 

plastic ocean project

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Now that the artwork has been plucked from the ocean, it will be allowed to dry. Then, it will be displayed at a Florida art gallery that has not yet been announced.

“Everyone says, ‘I can’t solve such a big problem alone,’ but I’m convinced that we can. Each of us can contribute in our own way. Just like companies and governments,writes Franke. “Is all of this plastic really needed? What could be the alternatives? We have to stop using our oceans as rubbish dumps, and we all need to work together to preserve the beauty of Planet Earth for our common good and try to make our lives plastic free!”

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Photos credit: Plastic Ocean

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