Ultra-Rare Pink Dolphin Was Spotted With Her Pink Calf In The River In Louisiana


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Dolphins are cute, handsome and an immediate tourist attraction. They are generally seen as one of the friendliest marine animals. We have had many movies in Hollywood that had the ubiquitous friendly dolphin making a new human friend and doing something to help the planet – generally, capturing poachers or polluters. Well, we can’t say that we weren’t fascinated by these wonderful mammals before. Many of us may have even dreamed of getting lost in the oceans and finding a dolphin friend who would carry us down to some secret land.


But we have betrayed our marine friends too. According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), river dolphins are endangered and their population is dwindling. It’s clear that we have to do something about it.

But before we could do anything, nature has a way around. Here comes, Pinky, an ultra-rare pink dolphin who shot to fame 12 years ago. Captain Erik Rue spotted her and told the Sun how flawless her skin was. She was pink from top to bottom and had reddish eyes to match with the pink body. He was surprised how the sun did not affect the mammal’s body. Pinky stayed underwater longer than her other friends, but other than that, she loves to show off, at times. Plus, Captain Rue also told WGNO that she was quite sexually active.

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And well, the fruits of labor did come around. Recently, Pinky was spotted with a pink baby in the Calcasieu river in Louisiana. At first, scientists believed that Pinky was an albino dolphin which might be the answer to her rare skin color. But now, they have come to the conclusion that Pinky might have had a rare genetic mutation which gives her that unique color. Now, that she has given birth to a pink baby, the hopes of conservationists are on the rise. They believe that efforts could finally be taken to slowly increase the population of these ultra-rare mammals, thereby increasing the general population of freshwater dolphins as a whole.

Captain Rue finds himself fortunate to be living in an area where he could spot Pinky and her child frequently. Plus, the guests get really excited when they saw her. Bridget Boudreaux was one of them, who spotted Pinky and her child jumping in the river. She told KATC how surprised she was. Her immediate reaction was to make the boat stop.

Well, we would all love the pink dolphin population to grow. Let’s hope Pinky can be the Eve of the new generation of pink dolphins.

Image credit: Pinky the Dolphin Facebook Page

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