Turin Is Becoming Italy’s First “Vegetarian City”


By Jess Murray Truth Theory

Due to ongoing innovative trends, the rise of social media, and education about where our food comes from, there is an increasing number of vegans across the globe.

Turin, in Italy, has stepped up to that movement, and is now becoming “Italy’s first vegetarian city”.

Turin is a bustling city, famous for cars and sports, but it is now becoming famous for its vegetarianism, following mayor Chiara Appendino’s new plans to turn it into a “vegetarian city”, which will consist of a weekly meat-free day for everyone, and new education in schools about animal welfare and ecology.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are becoming a popular sighting across the streets of Turin, where tourists can even follow the city’s “veg map” and be taken on a tour of the new dining experiences.

Restaurant owner Chiodi Latini, 56, has recently completely renovated his famous seafood dishes and raw beef dishes to create a new pop-up venture that is completely free of all animal products, called Chiodi Latini New Food, following his move to veganism 3 years ago.

One of his reasons for his drastic change was his thought that “people want to try new things, and spend an evening eating food that makes them feel good with their own body and soul.”

The city of Turin is now home to the highest number of vegan and vegetarian shops and restaurants in the whole of Italy, which is currently around 30, which deputy mayor Stefania Giannuzzi greatly supports by saying “we wanted to value and recognise this aspect of the city.”

However, meat sellers of the city were not too pleased about the new plans and developments for the city, who organised a barbecue in May to protest against the falling sales by using the hashtag “pork chops to the rescue”. Although Giannuzzi claims that she is merely highlighting the environmental benefits of not eating meat, citing the UN guidelines and the recent Paris climate agreement, to support her argument of reduced meat consumption.

The city, which has often been at the forefront of change, even has vegan pizza restaurants, ice cream shops and cafés. Vegan activist Monica Schillaci claimed, “even a few years ago, you couldn’t get a breakfast as a vegan. But now in almost every bar there are soya milk cappuccinos and macchiatos. And sometimes even vegan pastries.”

Could this be the beginning of a social movement which will catch on to other countries around the world?

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